Trump Wins $400M Slander Lawsuit Against Pelosi

It’s been years in the making and no one is more pleased to have it over with than President Donald J. Trump. After battling one of the vilest women in congress, Nancy Pelosi, Trump has come out victorious! His favorite attorney, Rudy Gullioni filed a lawsuit against Pelosi in her …

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Biden, Pelosi, Sign Order Banning Trump From Running Again

The average American has probably never heard of the process of Clamoris Victus, an obscure constitutional process reserved under article 6, sections 3-5 specifically for any President or public official who has been subject to more than one impeachment proceeding.  It was used only once before in history, to punish Joeseph …

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Noem “Biden wants to require American citizens to have a Covid Passport but is allowing thousands to pour across the southern border having zero idea how many have Covid”

Appearing on Fox News with Sean Hannity, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem vowed to fight against vaccine passports. Prior to her appearance, Noem tweeted “I’ll be joining @seanhannity tonight to discuss the disastrous Joe Biden tax bill. It will be the largest tax increase in American history and will have …

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