New Polling Shows Trump Trouncing Biden in 2024 In Crucial States

A recently completed survey of the political landscape portends worse outcomes for Democrats than has been seen yet. As could be expected during the current national crisis, known as the Biden presidency, respondents overwhelmingly rejected the incumbent in crucial swing states. This presents a roadblock not just for Biden in 2024 but any candidate running with a (D) behind their name in upcoming elections.

Perhaps the most telling results came from North Carolina, which Donald Trump carried by just 1.4% in 2020. Now, under the abysmal leadership of Joe Biden and Democrats, Trump shows a nine-point advantage. It’s also worth noting that this same poll had Biden ahead by three points before election day.



Breitbart notes that multiple factors undoubtedly led to these results:

“Biden’s declining figures come as American continues to face continually rising gas prices, rising 10 cents in the last week alone. All the while, rampant inflation looms as parents continue to struggle in the midst of a baby formula shortage in Biden’s America.”

Frighteningly, the issue of rising gas and depleted shelves of formula are just the two most recent issues affecting everyday Americans. Under Joe Biden, Americans have witnessed trillions of dollars being spent on goodness-knows-what, billions of dollars of equipment left in Afghanistan, billions more sent to Ukraine, a general disdain for personal freedom vis-a-vis Covid policies, and more recently, outright hatred of freedom of thought.

Given this and more, the question I am left with is how he has any voters at this point. Joe Biden should be polling at 0% across the nation. What would he have to do to wake the rest of these sheep up?

Similar results appeared in Missouri, a former bellwether state that has recently shifted red. Since narrowly handing Mitt Romney its electoral voters in 2008, the state has drifted further, and further right; in 2012, 2016, and 2020, Democrats have earned 44%, 37%, and 41%, respectively. The slight uptick in 2020 for Democrats suggests an anomaly.



Where things get interesting is how this polling shakes out if Trump is not the 2024 Republican candidate for president.

The same group that looked at North Carolina’s poll numbers also reported that a preliminary straw poll among Wisconsin’s state GOP convention-goers favored Ron DeSantis over the former president in a clear plurality. WisPolitics covered this stunning upset:

“Even with the former president in the mix, a plurality of party activists preferred Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for the GOP nomination in 2024.

Forty-three percent (141 votes) of those participating in the straw poll said they want Trump to run again, while just less than 32 percent (103) were opposed and 22 percent (72) indicated they were unsure.

Viewing a potential 2024 GOP field, nearly 38 percent (122) backed DeSantis. Trump was second at 32 percent (104), while former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley was a distant third at just more than 7 percent (24).

No one else cracked 5 percent.”

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