Fox Offers Chris Wallace’s Sunday Spot to Candace Ownes

Fox News wasted no time finding a replacement for the shamed Chris Wallace. His departure from Fox News, the details of which are still coming in, gave Rupert Murdoch the chance to solidify his ratings.

According to our source at Fox, Murdoch seized the opportunity to add a host for the hit Sunday morning “Fox Nation” by offering the job to Candace Owens.

Joe Barron, Murdoch’s spokesman on Earth, said his boss is confident that Candace will accept the offer and make Fox News the strongest network on cable:

“Candace made promises when she first got started that she and Mr. Murdoch can’t discuss, but we’re confident that she’ll join the team. Then we can stop pretending we don’t offer our fealty and human sacrifices to Trump regularly and move on.”

Fox is expected to see a significant bump in the ratings after Wallace, who dared to call President Trump’s honesty and integrity into question, is no longer on the lineup.

Candace brings with her unquestioned loyalty to Trump, no matter what, and unconditional support for everything he says and everyone he supports.

That’s how true freedom will happen, patriots. When the media stops trying so hard to report their “truth” when all they need is Trump. Biggest inauguration. Period. Election was a sham. Period.

Candace will embody all of these things and put Trump directly to the right of Christ where he belongs.

God bless America.

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