Chris Wallace Fired By Fox News;’We Can’t Let Him Spread Lies Anymore’

Chris Wallace didn’t “resign,” patriots. He was booted.

Reports are coming in that state Fox News will soon be dropping Chris Wallace from their broadcasting lineup. Fox brass, it seems, have grown tired of his antics and say, “His bias does not fit with our fair and balanced approach to journalism.”

Wallace has been targeted recently for presenting as fact what has been proven to be fake news. Specifically, he continues to push the Russian election interference lie and ignores the more widely proven suggestion that it was Ukraine who actually committed the election hack.

He has also come under attack from the President himself for his false presentation of the supposed ‘quid pro quo’ call. This was likely the final straw leading to the axe.

Fox Director of Responsibility, Joe Barron, was unapologetic for the decision to let Wallace go.

“In the end, we have a responsibility to our viewers. They rely on us for factual, honest reporting and we want to deliver.

Chris Wallace would not cease to spread untruths so our decision was easy. We will no longer give him a forum to spread his hate.”

It’s expected that Wallace will receive a substantial severance package. He’ll need it because his actions of late have likely blacklisted him from being hired anywhere else.


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