Biden Hands Republicans A Major Compromise – For Infrastructure Deal, He Just Gave Them $700 Billion

What’s Happening:

Joe Biden has a big problem. He wants to be the next FDR, a president who makes his mark with massive spending programs.

But he doesn’t have enough support in Congress to make his trillions of dollars worth of spending a reality.

Democrats can’t force through their agenda without Republican support. So, Biden had to meet with their representative to hash out a plan.

He was willing to drop $700 billion from his $1.7 trillion proposal. But it might not be good enough for Republicans.

From Newsmax:

Three sources told Politico that Biden lowered his $1.7 trillion demand on new spending to $1 trillion but was holding firm on corporate tax hikes helping to pay for the infrastructure package…

Republicans proposed only $257 billion in new spending as part of their latest $928 billion infrastructure offer.

Politico said GOP members were planning another counteroffer, which could come as early as Friday.

According to reports, Joe Biden offered a reduction in his spending bill that some question is really for infrastructure.

He is allegedly willing to bring the total down to $1 trillion. But Republicans still aren’t impressed.

They don’t want the budget to go that high–and they certainly are not willing to increase the corporate tax rate to make it a reality.

Joe Biden has been criticized for putting all kinds of spending in a bill that is supposed to focus solely on roads, bridges, and highways.

His spending has ballooned to over $1 trillion. And his future plans will demand even more cash.

But Republicans have no intention of agreeing to a bill they believe is wasteful and bad for the country.

It’s pretty obvious that “moderate” Joe Biden resembles socialist Bernie Sanders with each passing day. He wants to burn through taxpayers’ cash to create some kind of socialist utopia–one for which the average American is paying through the nose.

Thanks to one Senate rule, Democrats can’t ram their agenda through. They need some amount of Republican support.

And it seems like unless Joe is willing to compromise a bit more, it’s not going to happen.

He should be thankful, though. Republicans are giving him much more consideration than Democrats ever gave Trump.

If Republicans wanted to, they could just stonewall him—like Pelosi and Schumer did for the last four years.

Do you think Republicans should give in to Biden’s compromise?

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden reportedly agreed to lower his proposed spending bill by $700 billion.
  • He needs Republican support, to avoid a filibuster block.
  • Republicans still want a smaller budget and no tax hikes.

Source: Newsmax

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