Obama – Worth $270 Million – Busted Collecting Stimulus Recovery Funds

When Barack Obama was president, he used his office to amass a fortune most of us can only dream of. His corruption and selfishness knew no bounds and today he is worth a whopping $295 million. Obviously, this is not the type of money he could have made on a civil servant’s salary. He robbed us blind for eight years, and he’s not done.

President Trump’s stimulus package was aimed at helping the average American get by in these uncertain economic times. It was to be collected by those who lacked an income or did not have a large income to begin with. Who it was not meant for was millionaires and billionaires. People of means were not intended to be given free money from the government.

The Obamas, being the greedy thieves they are, apparently did not feel that was right. An IRS audit looking for scammers of the aid came upon the Obama name quite prominently and repeatedly. They were found to have collected stimulus checks for individuals for every member of the family — even the dog! That’s $6000 right there. But they didn’t stop there.

In addition to the individual citizen checks, the Obamas collected aid for charity and businesses of all sizes- small, medium, and large. They claimed lost income and demanded assistance with wages for the duration of this downturn in the economy — a downturn, that is all Obama’s fault, as all bad things are. This is pure and disgusting greed.

IRS investigator, Joe Barron, could not hide his disgust:

“This is a former president we are talking about. A man who is supposed to hold the interest of the people above his own. On top of that, he is a multi-millionaire, halfway to being a billionaire. For him to take advantage of the system like this is reprehensible.

My superiors are not taking this lightly. They don’t care who he is or who he once was. They intend to prosecute and get all of that money back, $2.6 million in all.”

Barack Obama and the rest of his family showing once again that they have no morals. Everything they do is against this country’s best interests. Even with him out of office, he continues his destruction.

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