50,000 Trump Patriots Gathering in Minneapolis to March for Peace

The unrest in America’s largest cities has been going on for more than a week now. It’s most destructive in Minneapolis, the city where George Floyd died. It is a virtual war zone, and with the governor ruling out using violence to end the riots, citizen friends of President Trump have decided to step in to do their part.

Red hat-wearing Trump supporters are traveling from all over to the city of Minneapolis as part of a grassroots movement to plead for peace. Once they have all arrived and assembled, the crowd intends to march arm-in-arm down Main Street, singing Kumbaya, and asking all to just give peace a chance. The planned march started out small, between a group of friends, but quickly ballooned thanks to social media.

What is now a large scale event was an idea hatched by Sandy Batt, a resident of Somaliaville in northern Minnesota. She is thrilled with how it has progressed.

“I did not see this coming. We started out with just 10 of us making the trip and now we are telling everybody that it’s 50,000. That may or may not be true. You’ll have to wait and see.

OK it’s not true. We just wanted our 15 minutes of fame. And some money. Lots of money. People have been sending in ‘donations to the cause’ from all over America. We’re coming up on $150,000. No, it’s not a scam. It’s a shrewd business plan.”

The massive crowd, that will total somewhere from 10 people and possibly up to 50,000, will gather this weekend in the heart of the city. They do not anticipate any problems.

Asked if they were worried about being mistaken for rioters and getting gassed, pepper-sprayed, or hit with rubber bullets, they answered with a laugh,

This is what good people do. This is what Trump supporters do. We work for peace, not violence. We always work toward love and respect for all.

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