Pennsylvania and Georgia Agree to Recount Electoral Ballots

Pennsylvania and Georgia have both agreed to recount some of the most important ballots of the 2020 election: the electoral ballots.

While other states focused on mail-in ballots or absentee ballots if those are illegal, the Republicans in Pennsylvania and Georgia made a play for the ballots that count. The electoral ballots.

In Michigan and Wisconsin, the electoral ballots were counted and submitted and that was that. Now, in both Georgia and Pennsylvania, they’ve gone a different way. They’re going to take a good look at those electoral ballots.

When they did a forensic evaluation of the election at the national level, there were no inconsistencies found. However, there were some in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as well as the state of Georgia, who thought that if they could take a look at those electoral ballots. it might just change everything.

So, they’ll do a recount and make sure that all of the electoral votes were properly counted and submitted, and certified.

Since the entire world witnessed that process on January 6th, little will come of the recount, but it will give Hannity and Tucker Carlson some good fodder for a bit.

Potatriots across the country are waiting patiently, as word spreads that Pennsylvania and Georgia, along with Atlanta and Harrisburg, will recount their electoral votes and make sure they didn’t lose any or something.

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