Leaked Visitor Logs Reveal Schiff’s 78 Visits to Epstein Isle

It’s no secret that Epstein and Schiff share a long history of perversion. Last year, it was revealed by the FBI that the two corresponded by email on several occasions, totaling 256 emails. But, according to the latest leak, it goes much deeper than just emails.

The reasons for the visits were not recorded, but based on the emails between the two men, we can assume they were for nefarious reasons.

An FBI insider has leaked the extensive visitor logs to Epstein Isle. Several notable names were mentioned in the log, including Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Nancy Pelosi. But the most frequent visitor was none other than Adam Schiff, who visited 78 times over the span of five years.

Chief Inspector of the Department of Investigation, Joe Barron, gave his thoughts about the case, saying the details were sickening.

“What we have discovered over the past few months has been disturbing, to say the least. This goes to very very highest levels. No one could have predicted this. Only the foil hats would have thought this to be possible.

Schiff looks to be the ringleader of the operation, arranging the trades and handled the financing. I can’t say anything else since it’s a nonexistent investigation, but rest assured justice will be served. In America, no one is above the law, except the rich.”

This is truly sickening news, but not unexpected. It was well-known that Schiff and Epstein were in cahoots, but the fact that Epstein was one of the main figures behind the operation was unexpected. This explains the impeachment hoax, since he was looking for a distraction.

These people are in the highest levels of government and need to be found out and prosecuted.

We can’t have this type of behavior in America.

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