Biden Gives AOC Millions from Social Security for Green New Deal

Joe Biden rolled out his new “climate change” initiatives via executive order today, just as typical communist dictators would do if they cared about the environment like a tree-hugging liberal.

Most people aren’t bothering to read the orders because they deal with boring subjects like science and nature. But, the American public is in for a shock with this one. Biden has given the “Green Goddess” AOC a $50 million budget that comes straight from the Social Security Fund.

In a statement through his newest round-robin spokesperson, Art Tubolls, the administration said:

“Look, these boomers contributed the most to climate change. Millennials don’t want to have to foot this bill. The boomers were the largest generation with cash flow and their social security fund has billions in it. They need to pay for the damage they have caused.”

Scientists say there is some evidence that the boomers are single-handedly responsible for the climate. These mothers didn’t want to stay home with their bratty kids anymore, so the latch-key kids of the 80s ate convenience foods and produce a metric shitton of trash.

The burning of that trash raised the temperature of the earth by four degrees.

Millennial Darling AOC says her parents aren’t boomers and she didn’t grow up in the 80s, so she really thought the whole Gen X latchkey thing was an urban legend.

However, she does say that movies like “The Goonies” and “The Breakfast Club” and “St. Elmo’s Fire” are classics that will never be able to be topped.

At least she knows good 80’s cinema. Thank goodness she stayed clear of “Howard the Duck” or “Harry and the Hendersons.” Ugh!

The money is expected to fund 45,000 windmills since the junior representative is in the pock of “big windmill.” She also is planning to develop a massive vacuum that will collect all of the methane from livestock bowel gasses, one of the largest contributors to global warming on the planet.

The people in Malodor, New York, the number one cow producing town in America, are excited about the developments!

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