Biden to Cut Benefits for Veterans, ‘They Get Enough Handouts’

Democrats and Joe Biden have been trying to weaken our military and hurt our veterans for as long as their party has existed. They do this because they obviously hate America. Now, they are going after the hard-earned benefits of America’s veterans.

In a budgetary meeting with Chairman Sanders, the Biden Administration agreed that budget cuts needed to be made. So naturally, the first place they look is VA benefits instead of their numerous other wasteful programs.

During the meeting, Biden had much to say about veterans and their benefits, going so far as to call them lazy and entitled.

“Come on, Jack. These people don’t deserve much of anything. Think about it. They chose a job and now they retired at the age of 30. Why should they get a handout? They have at least another 40 years of work left in them. No one else gets to retire at 30 and ride the gravy train for the rest of their lives on the taxpayer dime. Well, besides us of course.”

That is a terrible thing to say. Veterans deserve millions and billions of dollars each. As long as it’s going to them and not immigrants or healthcare, then we have all the money in the world.

Luckily, Republicans are standing up to this Democrat scheme and vowing to declare it unconstitutional.

Senator Joe Barron said it best:

“This is a crock o’ crap. We will impeach for this! We will sue for this! We will defeat this! This is simply unconstitutional and unconscionable. We owe our veterans everything and Democrats best learn that, and very soon.”

We hope he is correct. This fictitious evil scheme needs to come to an end and the Democrats should be held accountable for even suggesting such a thing, even if it’s only in this story.

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