Obama Presidential Library Gets $2M from Stimulus Bill

Establishment Republicans and Democrats strongarmed our President Trump to have him sign the 5,000+ page bill that not a single one of them read in its entirety. Now, more and more is being revealed as average Americans take it into their own hands to read the bill. It appears that the United States is basically funding the world with this bill. But there are a few things within our own country that will suck up some of that money.

First on the list of pork is the Obama Presidential Library which is slated to get over $2 million. What does the library plan to do with that money?

Michelle Obama happens to be the chairperson over her husband’s bookmobile and her spokesperson, Art Tubollis has this to say:

“Mrs. Obama has a lavish lifestyle and likes to have only the finest of things. This includes in the library. There are several old books that she wants reprinted and rebound. She has already commissioned the finest of paper from Egypt to have these books reprinted. The paper alone is $500,000 for just one book. Clearly, the $2 million is just a drop in the bucket. The list of books to be refurbished is neverending!”

Is that really what library budgets are supposed to be used for? Why not just purchase new books? Why have them reprinted at such an expense?

Obviously, the Obamas are so out of touch with reality. With people starving and being evicted in our country and that is what they are taking $2 million for? You could give over 100 families $2,000 stimulus checks for what they are spending! Where is that fair?

This isn’t right.

Malia and Sasha have also accepted positions at the library, as they have been out of work for months. It’s rumored that the library stimulus will also go to pay their salaries.

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