14 Generals Say They Will Never Take Orders From Joe Biden

Joe Biden won’t be receiving the warm welcome he had hoped for, according to sources close to the Pentagon.

14 generals with a lot of clout have come forward to say that they absolutely will not follow Joe Biden’s orders, no matter what.

These brave men, who include two women and one undecided, say that following the orders of a man like Biden isn’t something they’re willing to do.

One of the generals told Washington Military Daily that there was “no way” he was going to do anything Biden said. The others had similar sentiments, although a couple offered a little clarification.

According to a memo released from the office of General Joe Barron:

“I cannot in good conscience follow orders from Joe Biden. Not because I don’t like him or disagree with his policies, but because I retired 10 years ago. Who the hell is writing this stupid article? All of the people on the list are retired. None of them follow orders from anyone anymore. They’re civilians.”

And there you have it, Patriots. Not one of the 14 generals will bother to listen to Biden at all.

We don’t feel as though the reason is really that relevant, so just never mind. They all said no, and that’s what we’re running with.

Just how the heck does he think he’s gonna run a country if men like these refuse to take orders?

Our military expert, Art Tubolls, says it’s going to be an uphill battle:

“Getting them to listen to orders may be tough. 11 of them are in assisted living facilities, and 4 don’t have any idea who they are — or who Joe Biden is for that matter.

“How is the next president going to deal with it? Some say he’ll have a hard time. Others say he’ll focus on active generals who aren’t retired.

“Basically, it’s just a big mess.”

One thing is for sure, patriots. Without the support of generals, whether they’re drooling in a cup or not, Biden is destined to fail.

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