Democrats Want to Suspend Second Amendment Rights During Crisis

Democrats have already suggested going door to door to round up guns during this pandemic, but maybe that’s not all they want to do. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota said today that the government should suspend the Second Amendment for the duration of the crisis.

Omar went on to explain her reasoning:

“This is a serious crisis. People will get desperate and desperate people do desperate things. The last thing we need is weapons of war in the hands of desperate people.

This is why I am proposing a temporary suspension of the Second Amendment. We need to pause it until we figure out what what the hell is going on. We will take the guns and go through due process later. This is an emergency.”

Many Republicans including Governor Joe Barron slammed the move as the start of a slippery slope that may lead to the complete erosion of the Bill of Rights.

“If they do this, what’s to stop them from taking away our freedom of speech and the right to a trial? This could lead to a police state in which we have no rights and I won’t allow it here.”

This completely fictitious scenario can’t be allowed to happen in America! Anyone that believes it is completely gullible and should not be allowed to vote. We must re-elect Trump if we are to remain an intelligent nation that respects the rule of law and the great Constitution.


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